In order to access the assessment you need to first accept the terms and conditions. You do this by clicking on the orange button below.

You are absolutely welcome to read through the terms and conditions below, so that you fully understand what you are signing. Once you have done so there will be another orange button for you to accept the terms and conditions. Whether you read it or not is up to you.

Informed Consent

The Dynamic Business Start-up Partners (DBSP) will only allow you to complete our questionnaires once you have given us your informed consent. This is to say that you agree with our terms and conditions and that we will protect whatever data you fill in from unauthorized use. The DBSP requires all participants to give their informed consent before they complete any of the questionnaires. Thank you for helping us protect you and the DBSP from unnecessary liability issues. 

(NOTE: Informed Consent conforms to the statutory rules of the the South African Tests and Standards Commission, the International Test Commission, and ISO 10667 Assessment Service Delivery Parts 1 & 2.)

The DBSP Security Statement

The DBSP has a number of questionnaires for you to complete via the Internet. For the first four questionnaires, the results will be provided solely via the internet, without a human being giving feedback.  

It is important that you understand the purpose of the questionnaires offered, what the information will be used for, who will have access to the information, and how the information will be stored and safeguarded (details provided below). This information forms a contract between the DBSP and all of our partner organizations and you and we are bound by it. Failure to comply with any of these will end any information transfer arrangements between the DBSP and yourself.


The purpose of the DBSP’s questionnaires is to provide information and feedback to you, the DBSP Trainers/Facilitators and the personnel of any of our Partner Organizations to tell us all how entrepreneurial you could be. This information and feedback is for the following :1) So that you can see whether or not it is advisable for you to go into your own business, 2) For DBSP to find out whether you qualify for one of DBSP’s training programmes, and 3) For those that want to be a DBSP Trainers and/or Facilitator, to see whether or not you have the base qualities we are looking for.

The questionnaire information also forms part of a long-term research project studying the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial profiles. The results of all assessments taken are constantly fed back to the DBSP to refine and develop our programmes and assessment tools.

Information Use and Storage

The DBSP and all of our Partner Organizations are committed to data privacy, meaning that we believe in the fair and lawful treatment of personal information.

Your information will be used only by trained and accredited personnel and to some accredited Partners. Information will be used for guidance and developmental purposes only. Your information may also be used in very strict, controlled situations, to inform and support the selection process toward one of the DBSP’s training courses, or an intervention of our Partner Organization. When used in this way, questionnaire information will be interpreted by a specially trained person.

The DBSP will hold your information for a period of at least seven years in secure data storage either in the USA or in South Africa and all results are automatically be routed to both locations.

(NOTE: All DBSP and Partners are responsible for complying with national and international protocols covering data use and storage, and are contracted in accordance with terms set out by the European Commission (2001/497/EC as amended), the United States Office of Management & Budget and the South African Tests and Standards Commission.)

The DBSP does not disclose information to any unauthorized third parties. The information we collect from you consists of:

We Collect and Store
We Do NOT Collect
Your name; Your e-mail address; The area in which you stay; your gender; your scores and, optionally, your age.
Your physical address; Your telephonic contact details; The name of your company or business; Any financial data; Any other data that might identify you, including Your personal ID number.

Access to Information

Results from each of the four questionnaires is given to you by the platform directly after you complete each assessment.  Your information will not be released to unauthorized DBSP personnel or to any other person or entity without your permission, except for that Project Partner to which you are affiliated to, or have applied to; this restriction applies equally to all the DBSP’s Partners.

If you wish to access your information at a later stage, please send a request (along with proof of identify) to the DBSP directly.

‘Right to be Forgotten’

This prohibits anyone to post your information on social networks. Although this ‘right’ will be limited to social networks, if at any stage you wish to have your information removed or hidden, please send a request regarding this situation to the us at the DBSP.

Primary Security Level

Our four online questionnaires are designed so that all information that is collected through them is stored in databases. To maintain data security and integrity, these databases are hosted in the USA in a secure https environment. Specifically, we do not use ‘tracking cookies. ‘We do use ‘session cookies’ to help us guide language selection and to re-connection you if you get cut off while you are completing one of the assessments. Organization firewalls and other security measures are not compromised.

Secondary Security Level

You are provided access to the questionnaires with a username, password and, in some cases a ‘product’ code, provided by the DBSP, before you can complete the questionnaires. The only way in which your information can be looked at again is when it is imported into one of our databases, which are under the control of us at the DBSP and no one else has access to these databases. Finally all questionnaire databases are password protected for added security and privacy of data.  

Honesty and Integrity

DBSP questionnaires rely on the honesty and integrity of all parties. Please answer the questionnaires according to the instructions provided and do not share access codes or any other sensitive data with anyone else or any other party. The DBSP in turn will maintain full confidentiality and security of your information in accordance with the procedures written above.

Indemnity from Prosecution

The questionnaires that the DBSP offers are for your guideline purposes only and we cannot be held responsible if a business fails or suffers financial loss. By signing this document, you acknowledge that the DBSP and our Partner Organizations cannot be sued. The DBSP and our Partner Organizations hereby indemnify ourselves from any and all prosecution or legal action launched by anyone who completes any or all of the questionnaires offered on this website and who starts a business of their own, or goes into any business, and it fails. This equally applies to any financial loss that you may have as a result of starting, or going into a business. 


By CLICKING THE ACCEPT BUTTON for this document, you accept that these questionnaires are owned by the DBSP. Each questionnaire carries a copyright and thus cannot be copied or replicated in any way, form or manner – not even for personal usage.

Your Consent

If you agree to complete any of the DBSP questionnaires, you are now giving your informed consent to our information gathering process. This in turn obligates the DBSP, our personnel, practitioners, consultants and Partner Organizations to comply in full with the various data protection protocols and usage restrictions outlined in this Consent Agreement.

By clicking the Accept button, you acknowledge that you understand and accept what is written above and that you will also read with care the questionnaires that follow.