Information On The Entrepreneurial Inclination Assessment

There is a lot of evidence that most businesses fail within the first couple of years of operation. Here are a couple of sources:

Johannesburg – Small business failure rates are as high as 63% in the first two years of trading, ABSA said on Thursday at its Small Business Roundtable in Johannesburg. (News 24 – 11 Nov 2010)

According to the University of the Western Cape, South Africa has a higher start-up failure rate – 70-80% of small businesses fail in the first five years – than elsewhere in the world (News 24 – 5 March 2022)

South Africa has one of the highest failure rates for SMMEs, with five out of seven of these businesses failing within the first year, says specialist advisory service Cova Advisory (An article in Business Tech – 3 May 2021)


WE ARE OFFERING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASSESS YOURSELF BY WAY OF THE ASSESSMENT we have developed –  to see whether you have what it takes (Inner drive, natural ability, attributes, personality and talent) to make a success of your business.

We have been using this assessment for close to 25 years now and it has proved to be very accurate. The assessment covers the following areas:

# What you have done in the past and your future thinking & planning

# How well you solve problems

# The way you think, reason and your outlook on life

# Your propensity for risk – i.e. how much risk are you willing to take