Welcome to E-TEST - the Online Entrepreneurial Inclination Assessment Service

STARTING UP YOUR OWN BUSINESS, Click here AEROTROPOLIS Chamber Of Commer , Click here

Welcome to E-TEST - the Online Entrepreneurial Inclination Assessment Service

STARTING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, Click here AEROTROPOLIS Chamber of Comm, click here



¬†Welcome to the webpage of the Dynamic Business Start-Up Partner’s (DBSP) Entrepreneurial Inclination Assessment Service

Why the need for our service?

We are all gifted differently. Some are talented musicians, some are naturals at playing sport, others have extraordinary mathematical abilities, likewise some are naturally gifted to do business.

These people are born with a certain natural abilities, gifting, talent, leaning, inclination, inner “wiring”- drive, risk profile etc. towards entrepreneurship.

In addition to this many businesses fail because the business owner does not have enough entrepreneurial inclination to ensure their business will be a success. An analogy of this is it is like taking a person with few skills in soccer playing and putting them in the National soccer team (Bafana Bafana) – they will let the team down!

It is our job to help people discover the degree to which they are entrepreneurially inclined.

What we offer?

We offer an online entrepreneurial inclination assessment and testing service that has been carefully designed to help people discover whether they are suited to run a business of their own and to what degree.

Who can benefit from such a service?

  • Individuals that want to start up their own business
  • Loan institutions that have people / small business owners approach them for a loan
  • Government and businesses that make grant funding available to entrepreneurs
  • Franchise owners that want to select the correct type of franchisor
  • Business brokers that want to know that the person they are selling a business to has the necessary inclination to make the business a success
  • Scolars and those completing University who need to make a career choice, or know if they have what it takes to start up a business of their own
  • Business owners or companies that what to employ people with entrepreneurial gifting
  • Anyone that is interested to know whether they have entrepreneurial inclination or not.